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Mexico Offshore Worked

Key Statistics

Zama Est. Production1:
150-175 MBOE/D

Zama Est. Reserves2:
670-1,010 MMBOE

Key Assets:
Zama Discovery
Xaxamani Discovery
Block 7 Prospects
Block 31 Prospects

Regional Map

Mexico Map

Field/Asset Illustrations3

Zama Model


1Figures presented on a gross basis and based on Talos estimated gross peak rate potential production.
2Figures presented on a gross basis and based on independent resource evaluation provided by Netherland, Sewell & Associates.
3Field/asset illustrations are sample, illustrative graphics as of 3Q2019. These illustrations not be interpreted as engineering or geological working documents and are subject to change. Prospective resources should not be interpreted as guidance, development projections, or as any guarantee of existance of these potential reserves.